Add value to your business & benefit from a convenient, friendly service

Why choose Skylark

The benefits to

Businesses & Groups

Excellent value

Get added value with the courses you want in a way that works for you.

Reliable Instructor

Have ease of mind that I'll turn up! I'm a reliable service & easy to deal with. Skylark is 'just me' so you'll book with me, I deliver the training & maintain a relationship for the future.

Flexible Training

Flexible times to suit you - days, evenings, weekends & I'm happy to split courses into smaller chunks if needed. You’ll have less need to back fill staff meaning less interruption to daily business.

Save Money

Save money! Courses are honestly priced & cost effective compared to the larger First Aid companies.

Advice, Help & Support

Continuing peace of mind through regular contact & support from me into the future. You're welcome to contact me whenever you need to for free advice, help & support.

Support Local Businesses

Knowledge that you'll be 'keeping it local' by using, & therefore supporting, a small local business. I live in Dudley & my children go to Dudley schools

The benefits to

Staff & Participants

Fun Courses

Participants can enjoy relaxed, fun courses. They shouldn’t worry about being made to do embarrassing role plays or pressurising surprise scenario's etc. Instead I use engaging & friendly activities, quizzes, games & group discussions.

Relevant Content

Your participants will actually remember what they are taught & feel confident putting it into practice if required. Content will be relevant for the participants environment as I will tailor the content to suit their needs.

Team Building

Great team building opportunity for participants. You’ll be investing in them making them feel empowered to ``know what to do`` if the situation arose.