Data Protection Info (GDPR)

Data Protection Info (GDPR)

Apologies but this is probably the most boring posts I’ve ever done 😞 But its a necessary tick box i’m afraid!

New general data protection regulations (GDPR) come into effect this month & I must make my learners & anyone who has ever booked a course with me aware of a few facts regarding what information I have about you, how I store it & what I do with it!

I hold your data if you have ever attended a course or booked a course with me. If you are a learner this is your name, date of birth & email address. If you’re a course organiser this is just your name & email address.

I securely store electronic information on my password protected computer & written course paperwork is kept for 7 years in a locked filing cabinet. Course paperwork meets the regulations as it is covered by the Awarding Organisation that I use – Nuco. A copy of their statement is available upon request.
I use your information to send a Newsletter every quarter as well as possible marketing or informational emails that I think you will find useful. If you’re a course organiser I will (if I remember!) email you to remind you that course dates are reaching their expiry & remind you to re-book!
I will NEVER share you information with anyone else – I wouldn’t know who to share it with to be honest!

Your rights –
*You can request to see any data I hold at any time & I will respond in timely manner.
*You can request for any data to be destroyed at any time & I will do this following my procedures.
*You can ‘unsubscribe’ at any time from my email list. This will then permanently remove it from both my Excel & Mailchimp lists.

A full copy of my Data Protection Policy is available upon request & I take a printed copy to all courses & make all learners aware of it.

Phew, that’s done!!!!